Our Services - Bulk Wine Brokers

What we do........

Bulk Wine Brokerage

Initial consultation to ascertain exactly what bulk wine you are looking for

Thorough search of the marketplace to find you the right options

Negotiation of the purchase of your bulk wine on your behalf

Create and execute the contract to purchase your selection

Collate all documentation and analysis that is required

Coordinate the loading and delivery of your new bulk wine

Negotiate on-going storage and draw downs if required

You select the wine, we take care of the rest!

Bulk Wine Export

Scour the market to find you available parcels/options of bulk wine that will suit your needs

Collate and send samples for your assessment and selection

Have any final adjustments or re-blends made to the bulk wine to ensure it meets your exact needs

Negotiate and contract the bulk wine on your behalf

Prepare and provide all approvals, analysis and export documentation that is required

Arrange for the loading of your bulk wine in bottle ready condition (Heat and Cold Stable, NTU<1)

Coordinate delivery to your chosen port or freight forwarder

We can provide wine on FOB or CIF incoterms 

Our experienced and seamless approach ensures that the whole process goes as smoothly as possible

OEM Packaging and Export

Find your bulk wine (see Bulk Wine Brokerage above)

Consultation with you regarding your packaging preferences (e.g. bottle type, closure type, capsule, label design and printing, cartons and dividers etc)

Physical packaging of your wine, ensuring the highest quality and standards are maintained throughout the entire process

Loading of your finished wine into your shipping container, and then delivered to port

Prepare and provide all approvals, analysis and export documentation that you will require

We can provide wine on FOB or CIF incoterms

Let us take care of the whole OEM process for you, so you can focus on what matters most, selling your wine!

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